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SWTFOA Members,


For those of you who regularly shop at Kroger for groceries, we are asking that you link your Kroger Plus Card to our organization, the SWTFOA.  This process should be done yearly beginning each August 1.  Each quarter the SWTFOA is presented with check based on the amount spent by you from your purchases at Kroger’s.  Please follow the instructions in the attached document or click on the following link:


You may also sign up at the following link:


Make sure to link the SWTFOA (organization number 81072) to your account.  Once you have linked your account to the SWTFOA, you must present your Kroger Plus Card or Kroger Plus Card Number or provide your alternate ID at the register during the transaction in order for it to count toward the program. 


You do not have to have your actual Kroger Plus Card with you at the register, but you must know your Kroger Plus number or use an alternate ID (such as a cell phone number).


Also important, you do not have to be a member of the SWTFOA to link your account to the SWTFOA.  That means any friends, relatives, etc. that shop at Kroger’s may also contribute to SWTFOA. So spread the word!


Please if you have any further questions,  feel free to contact me directly at



Kroger Community Rewards Sign Up Process (PDF file)


Kroger Community Rewards
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