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Please RSVP with Contact before attending the certification class, and read the links provided below before attending the clinic

All officials who are certifying or recertifying for the 2020 Olympiad must read the following links:
USATF Officials Certification/Recertification Process for the 2020 Olympiad

USATF membership explanation

USATF Officials Portal information

Background checks (mandatory) for 2020 Olympiad

SafeSport Training Information

Officials transferring from another association, or officials that are not currently in the database (very old certifications that have not recertified in a while) must also check these links:

Transfers & Old Recertifications Checklist
USATF Cover Sheet - Transfers & Recertifications

USATF Officials Certification For New Officials:
Editable Officials Application (PDF file, type in information & print out)
Checklist For New Officials
USATF Cover Sheet - For New Officials


USATF official's certification & recertification for the 2020 Olympiad will begin after November 1, 2016, due to paperwork availability & the timing of USATF memberships. All officials, whether new certifications or recertifications, will need to complete the SafeSport training before attending a cert/recert clinic, in addition to having a background check preformed by the USATF approved vendor. There will be some communal SafeSport showings offered, please check the calendar above for available dates. The SafeSport training can be completed online, be sure to check the above document with more information.

Apprentice Rules review for 2020 Olympiad
Association Rules Review for 2020 Olympiad
National Rules review for 202 Olympiad
Masters Rule Review for 2020 Olympiad (PDF file)
Masters Rule Review for 2020 Olympiad (Microsoft Word file - able to type in answers)

The above Rules Reviews are based on the 2015-16 NCAA & the 2016 USATF rulebooks. Current rulebooks can be found on the SWTFOA's Officiating Rules & Related Items page or on the USATF's Officials Rulebooks page.

USATF Officials Certification & Recertification
certifying, training, & providing USA Track & Field certified officials to East, North, North Central, & the Great Plains
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You must have a current USATF membership number in order to get credit for taking the SafeSport Training, whether you do it online or in person. All officials regardless of level must have this training prior to being certified/recertified.